VIP Rank

Become VIP on Tallcraft

Note: VIP is a network-wide rank with different features on each server.


VIP-prefix in chat
VIP rank on our Discord server


  • 10.000 Coins
  • Play on the server even when its full
  • 15 homes on the server (locations you can save to teleport to later)
  • Armor stand editor: Modify and pose armor stands using the flint item.

/tpa Asks a player if you can teleport to them.
/tpahere Asks a player if you can teleport them to you.
/jump Teleports you to the nearest block, in your line of sight (Crosshair).
/warp Allows you to teleport to all the wonders of Tallcraft
/backpack Open your backpack and store items in it. Just like a second inventory!

Check the command reference for a full list of commands.