VIP Membership

Become VIP on Tallcraft

Note: VIP is a network-wide rank with different features on each server.


VIP-prefix in chat
VIP rank on our Discord server


10.000 Coins

Play on the server even when its full!

15 homes on the server (locations you can save to teleport to later)

/tpa Asks a player if you can teleport to them.
/tpahere Asks a player if you can teleport them to you.
/jump Teleports you to the nearest block, in your line of sight (Crosshair).
/warp Allows you to teleport to all the wonders of Tallcraft
/backpack Open your backpack and store items in it. Just like a second inventory!

VIP Membership (Monthly Subscription) 5.00 EUR Buy
VIP Membership (Lifetime) 15.00 EUR Buy